Taco Rice Bowl

I love to make my family healthy meals, but let's face it, fast and easy meals are where it's at. Nowadays, though, it's never been so easy to marry fast and easy with healthy, and I love rice bowls because you can make a hearty yet healthy meal that the whole family loves. I usually start by making a big batch of brown rice (or other yummy whole grains) at the beginning of the week so I can reheat them the night I need them. These taco bowls are great because you can easily prep the cheese, tomatoes and black beans (a quick rinse is all you need) the morning of or night before, and because the rice is already taken care of, all you have to do is shred the lettuce, cut the avocados and prepare your protein (I used seasoned ground beef in this version, but I also love making them with chicken, seasoned tofu, or fish). 

No matter what protein I choose to use, I love giving these bowls a splash of extra vibrant flavor by using Essential Oils. For my taco bowls I make a topping of plain yogurt with both Cilantro and Lime Essential Oils. I used 1 cup of yogurt and swirled in a toothpick dipped into the bottle of Cilantro Essential Oil. I then added a drop of lime and 1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup. I put a dollop on each bowl and then my kiddos finished the remainder with spoons and then, fingers. It was that good! 

It should be noted that we never use anything but dōTERRA Essential Oils. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils and absolutely safe to ingest and cook with.

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