We grow where we're planted

Being a part of a military family means we move, a lot. In the last 9 years, we have lived in Texas, Arizona, Germany, (short stint in Kansas), Colorado, Kansas (again), Georgia, and now Germany (again). Did you get that? Our kids are just four and we're in our 6th home since they were born. SIXTH! 

The upsides to this are numerous and varied. We get to experience living in different parts of both the United States and the world, which we love. It also means that by the time we're ready to "settle down" and find our forever home, we'll have had lots of experiences behind us to guide our next steps. We are exposed to cultures (and languages) that are different than anything we've experienced before, which helps us grow in inordinate ways (the culture shock happens while living in the States, too, for instance we lived in Georgia and while it was one of our favorite duty stations thus far, our neighbors had to explain a lot about the South). And moving around fosters a resilience I've noticed isn't often found in your typical civilian communities. Or perhaps it's just found in abundance around military posts.

And from all this moving I could offer up lots of advice ranging from how to get ready for the packers, to what necessities you should keep with you whilst you travel, to how to keep the kids busy and happy while you unpack. But all of that pales in comparison to this next little tidbit...are you ready? You grow where you're planted. 

That's it, my best nugget of truth. You see, each move really is what you make of it. Get out there and explore! Find the best of what your new town/village/city has to offer! Peek into corners you might not otherwise have peeked into and find treasures you may not have expected. Find a mama who looks nice at Kindergarten drop-off and invite her to coffee. Start a blog, or a hobby (take up photography and record all those amazing places you're visiting), go for a walk, try a new food. If you do this, I promise, your life will change. And best of all, if you have kiddos, you will be modeling for them the very resilience that they will need to navigate their own lives, now and in the future. We can do hard things, Mamas, don't ever forget that. So much of this life is what we make of it, so get out there and GROW!!!

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Sharon McDonald

5/9/2017 7:07:05 PM

Love this! You're super talented ANDREA. Thank you for sharing your love and insight !!!


Laurie Rhein

5/9/2017 11:09:40 PM

Wonderful to hear your voice of enthusiasm, hope and encouragement!

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