Basil Hummus

This "recipe" is going to leave you thinking I don't take seriously my commitment to post a tasty new recipe more often than not. I do, friends, believe me, and if you trust me for just a moment, you will see the beauty in what you're about to read.

I love hummus. We use it on crackers, veggies, as a substitute for mayonnaise, and sometimes, just by itself on a spoon. Mmmmmm, hummus. Though I used to make my own (come on, it's SO easy!), I live near a Costco, one of my favorite stores, and so for the last couple years have enjoyed buying huge tubs and always having it around (with absolutely no work or the dirty dishes it would take to create my own). Sometimes, though, I want something more than just the plain jane or roasted red pepper varieties available in bulk (oh Costco, how I will miss you once we move!). And so, this.....

1 cup hummus
2 drops Basil Essential Oil

Mix them together and enjoy. Ha-ha, YES!!!! I'm telling you, IT IS SO GOOD!!! Now, I should tell you that I actually like to add 3-4 drops of Basil oil, but that makes it REALLY basily, and I'm aware that not everybody has a hankering for basically just straight up basil. So start with two drops and add more if you're feeling adventurous. I tried this the first time with some warmed naan bread. It was absolute perfection. Give it a go and see what you think!

It should be noted that we never use anything but dōTERRA Essential Oils. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils and absolutely safe to ingest and cook with (and the basil smells AMAZING!!!).

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